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Infinitydev's Statuspage

Here you can view the status of our services and any known issues. Services listed below are monitored and will update if changes are detected. Any downtime will automatically be logged here and alert the devs to the issue.

Recent Uptime

30th October 2023
1 outage

31st October 2023

1st November 2023
1 outage

2nd November 2023

3rd November 2023

4th November 2023
1 outage

5th November 2023
2 outages

6th November 2023
1 outage

7th November 2023
7 outages

8th November 2023

9th November 2023

10th November 2023

11th November 2023
1 outage

12th November 2023

13th November 2023

14th November 2023

15th November 2023

16th November 2023
1 outage

17th November 2023
1 outage

18th November 2023
2 outages

19th November 2023
1 outage

20th November 2023
1 outage

21st November 2023

22nd November 2023

23rd November 2023
1 outage

24th November 2023

25th November 2023
4 outages

26th November 2023

27th November 2023
1 outage

28th November 2023

Last 30 days


Uh oh! Some outages have been reported on our services. We're working on it!
If you're experiencing unreported issues/bugs, please report them here.

Components 1


Discord Bot

Incidents 2

YouTube-Dl components not working

Features that use youtube-dl sre no longer functional Tap for more information.

Bot is largely unstable

Following a lack of recent updates, the bot's stability is currently not as high as we would like, Works to remediate this may be thwarted due to a number of reasons. Tap for more information.

Some monitoring tools failing

The monitoring tool for backend components randomly fails to detect when the component is now back up again. This leads to the outage not being marked as resolved, and a resolution not sent in the appropriate webhooks. Tap for more information.

Major flaw in statuspage design

We're currently experiencing major issues with the statuspage due to a discovered design flaw. More details coming shortly. Tap for more information.

Statuspage is currently being tested

If this incident is open (unresolved), the statuspage will be being tested, and is likely to be showing incorrect data. Please wait for this incident to be marked as resolved before trusting the authenticity of the data displayed here. Tap for more information.

Looks like you've reached the end of recent incidents.

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